Saturday, May 19, 2007

Diary of a fiber artist in Israel

BS"D Life in Israel is beautiful. But to an American who struggles with the language and doesn't drive, it can be very challenging to fulfill my creative needs. Art supplies are a constant source of frustration because the lack of knowledge of where to buy and the wild goose chase to get them if I find what I need.
Everyday I am finding new things I could use for my art, I guess this is life. I get so frustrated that I cant buy these things. Everything has to be brought by someone in the States when they visit. This is very challenging for me.

I am still waiting for a new camera. I have work that I want to put up but cannot. I am also frustrated from this.
The pictures are of beautiful Netanya on the Mediterranean coast.


Annica said...

Hi Bina, I've seen your art on Flickr. You make beautiful things! It will be great to be able to read a little bit more about it here.
Maybe you could mailorder art supplies from the States and Europe? This is a great UK company that sell fiber and art supplies that I can recommend. Good luck with your blog!

ArtChic said...

Hi Annica, I am so hapy to hear from you. I am really looking forward to posting my needle felts for which I have been inspired so much by many people on flickr. I am waiting for the camera to come to Israel! Anyway I am having a lot of fun with this new art form and am so happy to find a little group of poeple from across the world that like to stsitch and felt and embellish! I really love your blog and your work. I am very inspired by what you do!