Monday, May 14, 2007

Lotus square pattern

Now available on the blog! Finally no more e-mail complications!!!
Please respect copywrite as this is my own pattern!!!!

WW yarn in 4 colors
4.5 mm aluminum hook

Size :17 cm sq.

With CA Ch 4 join to make a loop.

Rnd 1 Ch 3 work 15 dc in the ring (16dc) join at top of ch3. fasten off CA

Rnd 2 Join CB Ch3 2dc cl * Ch 3, 3 dc cl (see below) in each dc around (16 dc cl). Fasten off CB.

3Dc cl : YO insert hook into dc, YO draw through two loops, YO insert hook into same dc Yo draw through 2 loops, YO insert back again into same dc, YO draw through two loops, YO draw through 2 loops, YO draw through all 3 loops on hook.
Cluster made.

Rnd 3 Join CC in any ch 3 sp Ch 3, sc, dc all in same ch3 sp, *in next ch 3 sp sc, dc, sc. In next ch3 sp dc, sc, dc around. Join w sl st in top of ch 3.

Rnd 4 sl st in to of sc (in dc, sc, dc, cluster – ie. in the middle stitch of the three)
Ch 3 dc twice in same sc * Ch 3, sk 2 st 3 dc in next dc, ch 3 sk 2 st 3 dc in next sc*
Repeat from* around. Join. Fasten off CC.

Rnd 5 Join CD in any Ch3 sp 2sc, spl tr (see below), 2sc all in same ch 3 space.
*2sc, spl tr, 2 sc* working pattern around (16). Fasten off CD

Spl Tr = split treble
YO hook 2X insert hook into sk st (to the right) in rnd 4 below ( you have 2 and both will be worked here) YO, pull through 2 loops, YO insert hook into next sk st, YO, draw through 2 loops, YO dr through 2 loops, YO draw through 2 loops.

Rnd 6 Join CA in any spl tr, *sc, ch 4, sc* around. Sl st in top of beg sc.

Rnd 7 Ch 4 6 tr in ch4 sp (7 tr for corner), *5 dc in next ch 4 sp, 4 hdc in next ch 4 sp, 5 dc in next ch 4 sp, 7 tr in next ch 4 sp* repeat 3 more times and join at top of ch 4 at corner.

Rnd 8 sc in next 3 tr, 2 hdc in corner tr, ch 2, 2 hdc in same tr. *Sc to next corner, 2hdc, ch 2 2 hdc in 4th tr corner* repeat from * around. Join w sl st. Weave in ends.

Copyright Terms:
Feel free to use for private use and if you sell work from this pattern please include my name as “Pattern © Bina Eisenberg 2007” with the item.
Do not publish this pattern on the web or any where in written material without express written permission of Bina Eisenberg. I can be contacted at this blog . Also if you should find mistakes e-mail me. Changing a stitch or changing colors does not make the work your “original” design.
Thank you,

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Anonymous said...

great square you designed! Thank you!