Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WIP; TAST wk 25, Nocturnal landscape

This originally started out with a background of needle felted wool on a felted sweater scrap. (Such an economical way to learn). I liked the pattern of the needle felted wool, meandering strands fine lines and thicker colored areas, so I started by just going with it.

Stitching along the lines until a picture started to emerge. From this a tree emerged. (red area) Then from there I had an idea of what I wanted to happen. A work-in-process so still more to follow!

First attempt

Oh boy, what did I get myself into???? Kool -Aid Dying.. not as easy as I suspected, or maybe it's just me? I also didn't like the colors so well.... too fake or something.
The Merino felts very quickly, not quite sure why. Anyone have some answers?

The Merino didn't actually felt but the fiber gained back it's crimp. I am going to use this for wet felting, It comes out a bit to fat for me to use in needle felting. I am used to the shorter fibers such as Shetland and Correidale.
The dark purple specimen in the middle is actually the correidale sliver that I just got from Paradise. I think I like

the results from this wool better. Next time I don't want to buy the sliver however, but

rather the roving, which is wider.

The correidale dyed up very nicely using gel food colorings that I found in my local cake decorating supply store, In America these would be Wilton Gel food coloring. I don't think these are the most economical choice however. I am paying for 1 teaspoon about $3 (yikes) I would say if I really knew what I was doing I could get many colors from them.

That's life overseas. America has so much to offer for the fiber artist and relatively cheap. It is very expensive to do any sort of dying here. I cant find half of the types of dye here that I would normally find in the States.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Great Mail!

Received some great mail over the past couple weeks, from (left to right) silver_smoke, lily.lemon, and sequin girl. They all made such beautiful ATC's and was really Happy for the trade.

I am new at trading and was a little nervous at first. Nervous to let go of my art no matter how small! And nervous whether the receiver would be as delighted as I was to get their mail.

When I got the mail I took a sigh of relief and said "OK relax, this is supposed to be fun!" And it truly is.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

WIP Still in Progress.......

Now I have added some seed beads, Satin stitch, Lazy Daisy, French Knot, and Cast-on.
I had some yellow oyster stitch but removed it because the color was too bright and it bothered me.
So what's next? I am going to continue with the cast on stitch (purple shades) toward the left side.
The satin stitch to the right in green was bothering me, I wasn't seeing that it was smooth, and also I used variegated thread so suddenly and unexpectedly there was light green. So What to do? I didn't want to pull it. I think something needs to be there. So I decided that by taking the same thread and making a basket weave or plaited stitch a more interesting area would come out of it.

Still having more doubts about the balance of the piece. I decided to head on over to TAST Challenge blog by Sharon B. Basically her stitch dictionary taught me everything I know. I never really embroidered at all and then became very inspired by what I was seeing by Ati, Gunnels, Katiejayinpa, fiberdabbler, and of course Sharon B's flickr page to name just a few. The week's stitch when I started was the french knot, which I knew but was happy to see lovely examples on the blog and various flickr friends. Inspired, I decided to use variegated thread in blues and greens and got to work. On the bus, late at night after the kids were in bed and a few quiet moments here and there, I stitched a ton of knots! But I never got bored, I think I'm really becoming addicted to this. But still a WIP because I am still making the knots.... we shall see what's next if anything. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

WIP Needle Felt

WIP Needle Felt
Originally uploaded by dying2crochet

I am having a hard time deciding whether to do more or stop....

Was just thinking maybe a bit philosophical (:-P) but is art ever "complete". I mean, I guess I could keep going or just stop here, add one more stitch, 10 more or no more. Just like a painter could stop or make one more stroke of the brush. Is my thought complete or am I rambling ????
I guess it all boils down to the viewer and the artist's vision.... did I achieve what I wanted here?
I guess I have things to think about.

Anyway, here are the steps:

1) Choose a color scheme.

2) Mix the colored fibers by pulling the fiber apart.

3) Felt them onto flat surface (in this case a recycled felted sweater swatch) with a felting needle.

4)This is after it is felted half way:

5) I then do some machine embroidery to create some raised surface.

6) Finally, I add some hand embroidery and perhaps bead embellishments (top photo).

Monday, June 4, 2007

Heart postcard

Heart postcard
Originally uploaded by dying2crochet
I crocheted a rectangular swatch and then punched it into a swatch of a felted Brooks Brothers sweater with a felting needle shaping it along the way. I then added a piece of silk and machine embroidered over, then beaded.
The yarn is Red Heart "Kiss" and I found it discounted for 1.75 a skein!

ATC (traded)

Originally uploaded by dying2crochet
The way I have been working lately on these small examples, perhaps of larger works I'd like to do, or sets, is sort of a metamorphasis. I dont really plan, other than color, what I'd like to happen. It sort of just evolves.
I would like to plan more, however I am happy with the results as well as the process.
The work I am currently doing includes many of my favorite media;
Shibori, dying, needlefelting, embroidery, embellishment, sewing, and involves lots of color.