Tuesday, June 5, 2007

WIP Needle Felt

WIP Needle Felt
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I am having a hard time deciding whether to do more or stop....

Was just thinking maybe a bit philosophical (:-P) but is art ever "complete". I mean, I guess I could keep going or just stop here, add one more stitch, 10 more or no more. Just like a painter could stop or make one more stroke of the brush. Is my thought complete or am I rambling ????
I guess it all boils down to the viewer and the artist's vision.... did I achieve what I wanted here?
I guess I have things to think about.

Anyway, here are the steps:

1) Choose a color scheme.

2) Mix the colored fibers by pulling the fiber apart.

3) Felt them onto flat surface (in this case a recycled felted sweater swatch) with a felting needle.

4)This is after it is felted half way:

5) I then do some machine embroidery to create some raised surface.

6) Finally, I add some hand embroidery and perhaps bead embellishments (top photo).


Ati. Norway. said...

I love it as it is! Your colorchoice is lovely. The only thing you can add are a few seed beads, but it is not necessary. All your work appeals to me.
I am very happy you found me on Flickr, so that I found you :))

ArtChic said...

Hi Ati, I am so happy you came to visit here.
Your work is also lovely, I hope I develop the skill that you have. I am very new to embroidery so I need a lot of practice. Flickr is the best, I have really found much inspiration from there.

Annica said...

Hi Bina, I think this piece is lovely! Wheter it's complete or not is a question only you can answer. When I feel unsure I put my work on the design wall for a day or two. That helps me see if I need to change something.

ArtChic said...

Yes, I used to do this when I painted. I would stare at it or put it away and take it out again.
Why should it be any different
just because it's a small piece? Thanks for the good advice!

Waltraud said...

Hi Bina,
visiting your blog I see all the wonderful feltet thngs you´ve made, I hope to see more.

Micki said...

Hi Bina, I discovered your work on Flickr and love what I am seeing here on your blog. I think this piece looks great as is, but you really are the only one that can decide if it is finished or not.

Eva said...

You have a lovely blog with wonderful needle felted work!