Sunday, August 26, 2007

Me in Springfield

Me in Sprinfield
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Well if you've ever wondered what I look like..... This doesn't really hit the mark. I do wear glasses, I do have a reddish brown hair that is short, I do wear lipstick that color and have freckles. Lavender is one of my favorite colors and I can often be seen wearing a black skirt, and I am "saftig" (not a skinny one). Does she look Jewish???? I thought she could pass! LOL!

The Simpsons is a long time fave of mine and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be "Simpsonized", and you can too by clicking here.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Among the Spinning

Well I finally made the purchase of purchases, the one thing I have wanted since the first time I ever saw a spinner spinning wool, a spinning wheel of my own.

What a hard decision it was! I went back and forth between several different makes until I came up with the ideal for me. And I'm still not 100 percent sure. I guess I will know more when she finally arrives.

There are several models to chose from Ashford, Louet, Babe, Lendrum to name a few. The others are just more expensive to mention here. These are the companies I considered.

So then I decided to take a look at ebay. On ebay there are a couple of very reputable sellers in Holland that deal exclusively with Louet spinning wheels. First I tried bidding and lost, then I saw a great deal on an S10, saving me $265 from the price of buying one new. The great thing I hear about these wheels is that they are not only durable but very low maintenance. I am now waiting for it to arrive from Holland.

The S10 Louet.

Now something interesting I wanted to share with anyone considering joining the spinners club; please read and explore this website before you buy a wheel. Hopefully I got lucky, I did a lot of research on wheels but I wish I would have know about this very informative site before hand: It called The Joy of Hand spinning and there are several video tutorials and lots of information on how to buy the right wheel for you and several terms like "drive ratio", "scotch tension", "flyer whorl" and "drive band". This site will tell you every thing about those terms so you start at least knowing some of the terminology.

There is so much to learn!