Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stay tuned y'all!

Hi blog friends, Sorry I have been very tardy with my postings. I have more work to share and some ATC's coming up, but due to the Jewish High Holidays which I observe I have not been able to get anything up for a while. I have been in the kitchen cooking tasty and nourishing food for my family for the Holiday meals. On Rosh Hashana which was two days and ran right into Shabbos (Sabbath) I had to prepare 6 meals in advance. I didn't want to cook on the Yom Tov (Holiday) so I made it all before hand, put it to freeze and then warmed it on the hot plate. We ate and ate, I think too much because I wasn't feeling so well by the end of Shabbos.

Then came Yom Kippur, the day of repentance, and we fasted after eating another large meal and a smaller meal both festive. But even after all that food it didn't last me all of the fast which is 25 hours. You get hungry and very thirsty. But my Yom Kippur was meaningful for sure.

Then we celebrated Sukkos (or Sukkot depending on your preference). We made our sukkah and decorated it with silk flowers and leaves and even some flashy shiny stuff. Mostly though fruit and flower theme. Tonight we'll eat our festive dinner there and my husband and son are going to sleep out there. We eat and sleep in the sukkah for 7 days. Weather permitting. In Israel it is much easier than other countries because the weather stays nice for a while after the Holidays. Rain hopefully will come soon this year after Simchas Torah.

Simchas Torah came next and we celebrated the giving of the Torah by G-d to Moses on Mount Sinai. Men all around the world were dancing in the synagogues with Torah scrolls in hand on the happiest day of the year. We then started to read the five books of Moses, the Torah, again from Genesis. And again we ate!

So now we are back to normal routine and Zevy, my four year old, happily has returned to school [ :~) ] . The sukkah needs to come down... we are always the last ones, LOL!


Miriam said...

Hey ArtChic! What a nice sukkah. It looks so HAPPY!

hOpefully, next year we'll have more decorations in ours.

Waltraud said...

Nice to see you again on your blog!

Annica said...

Sounds like you and your family had a lot fun.