Monday, October 29, 2007

Jewish Pride

Hi friends, I know this is a fiber arts blog, but I just had to share my Jewish pride. This song moves me and I wanted to post it I guess for my own viewing but why not share? The whole point of this song that gives me such strength is that "We will survive". We survived Hitler (may his name be obliterated), crusaders, Romans, inquisitions, exhile, suicide bombings and pogroms. We are still here. I am proud of that. This song gives me strength in the face of dispare.


Doreen G said...

Hi Bina
I came to you via Annica and noticed that you had some ATC's to trade and I wondered if you would like to trade with me.
My e-mail address is on my blog so drop me a line.
Regards Doreen

Miriam said...

Thanks for introducing me to this singer!

Conni said...

I absolutely love this song with all of my heart! It’s in my favorites folder. I listen to Israel National Radio quite often (it’s a breath of fresh air!) and first heard of Jordan Chaviv on Rabbi Tovia Singer’s show.