Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rain? Could it be????

Israeli winters are very unpredictable. Usually, on a good year, we expect and have rain around late September. The trees and vegetation here are drying up by then so we pray that the rain comes on time. This year, sadly we have only had one storm. The rain came down nice and hard but very short. That was over a month ago and we are still waiting. Yesterday was between 25 and 30 C, I guess that's in the 80's... in November! I feel like I'm drying up! The good news is that when I woke up this morning it was cooler and cloudy. So there is hope for rain! My garden is drying up! Even though we water, there is something so much more nourishing about the winter rains that really allow the vegetation to thrive. The photo is of my garden.

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Miriam said...

Hey ArtChic,

Beautiful garden! lots of space.

How about that wink of rain we had on Friday night. Hmmm...still wasn't much.