Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So ok, I have to brag....

I have to brag about all the wonderful mail I've been getting. Thanks to all my artsy friends out there who have been swapping with me. It's so exciting to get something in the mail from places all over the world! Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, United States.... I have one coming from Australia as well. Anyway I wanted to share and give credit where credit is due to these wonderful women who make beautiful art and am fortunate to have a piece in my collection!

The first is from Eva,from Sweden. I love the blue and cool colors she uses and so happy to have this little treasure! Thanks Eva! It is titled "Window"

The second is called "Flowers" from Annica, from Sweden. I love her stitching, and her ideas and designs. This one makes me happy to look at! Thank you fellow blog friend!

And then we have Ati's ATC sent all the way from Norway! Ati usually is known for her crazy quilts and I was excited for her that she got an embellisher.... lucky girl, use it in good health dear. Thanks for the ATC "Summer" is the title.

Oh I was so lucky to have gotten one of Cramzy's (Emmy) ATC's she had one left of a series. I have been admiring her work, she really pushes and goes out of the box, exploring texture and surface. This is called "Red".

And finally this ATC titled "Two Flowers" comes from the States from Debra of "Deebs Fiber Arts". You may remember reading about her fantastic work and I'm so excited to finally have a lttle sample. It is so exciting to see her beautiful color (love her backgrounds) up close. Big Hugs Debra!

PS: If anyone has any idea how to rotate the photos so they can be seen as intended can they please share how???? Sorry to all of you dears' who's photos are sideways!


Anonymous said...

Wow! These are gorgeous! beautiful handicrafts!

re: rotation. Have you tried opening the file in a PAINT program or some drawing program and rotating it there and the resaving the rotated version?

Ira said...

Wonderful blog. The first fiberart blog that I found from Israel.
Try to use Picnik.com for pictures.
If you have any questions email me and i can let you more informations. I am from Arad.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Bina - just found your blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed my first visit. I do a mixture of paper and fibre arts so if you want another trading partner from Australia, let me know - I am always up for a postcard or ATC trade! Happy creating...