Monday, December 31, 2007

Ugggh! Blog spam!

To my blog friends out there..... I do apologize, but after my last entry I got two spam messages and therefore now you must type the code in order to leave a comment here. I didn't want to do it but you know how annoying spam is! It's so sneaky too, like these people are your friends and really want to help you make a fortune in cash by working on the Internet from home. So just out of curiosity and to see if this was another fiber artist before my suspicion compelled me to delete it, I went to her link and as soon as I saw that giant face of Ben Franklin smiling from a $50 bill, I exited the site and deleted the comment. Nerve, indeed!

They're always out there...... watch out for spammers...... wooooohhhhhh :~O

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It REALLY is an obsession!

What is it about fiber? What is it? It's taking over my life. I feel constantly in the pursuit of more fiber and supplies for spinning and dyeing of fiber and now I need more bobbins and the extended Lazy Kate for my S10 wheel... oh it just keeps growing. Plus I still don't have a skein winder or even a niddy noddy (... yep that's what happens when you live in a place where there are only a handful of spinners in the whole country and two places to buy wool. Everything needs to be shipped in from outside the country.) I also thought since come spring I hope to acquire some fleeces after the shearing, of course I'm going to need a drum carder! OMG!

So my latest stash acquisition was from Spunky Eclectic. She (Amy) has a new site. Oh yeah! I am a fan. Her prices are reasonable and her rovings are better than any that I have bought elsewhere. (Not that I have bought from so many places mind you :) I just bought a pound of white BFL and 8 oz. of Oatmeal BFL (Amazing!) I have never spun such fiber! It is so lofty and soft, I DO love. I also bought a pound of her grey wool at 9 bucks a pound it was totally worth it, plus very soft and a pleasure to spin.
Here's the grey wool available at Spunky:
The only disappointment was in the Romney, I didn't realize how course the wool is compared to the others. It's got a nice sheen but not much loft. I don't know what I would make with it. Perhaps I should buy some mohair or Alpaca (which is definitely on my list, at the top in fact) and blend it with the Romney. I guess the length of the staple of the Romney would add strength to a loftier fiber. Or maybe I should blend it with my merino or Columbia -Dorset blend that I bought at Paradise fibers. I thought that stuff was such a pain to spin... very hard to draft and hard to keep consistent. But again I am considered a beginner for all intense and purposes!
Stay tuned to some on the bobbin pictures and I am now spinning the grey and the oatmeal in separate singles to be plied as double and hoping it comes out as a tweed.
PS I could use advice on keeping track of amounts on each bobbin so that you have equal yardage for plying.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

With winter brings crochet!

I find crochet one of the most relaxing activities. I really feel a sense of accomplishment when I'm making something for my family to snuggle up on the sofa with or something for my own wardrobe.

As soon as the weather started to turn cold I felt the itch to start a project. I started looking through my patterns and found a few I wanted to do for the winter. So I started poking around my skein stash and found a lot of cream and off white basic acrylic yarn. The two projects I had were Aran Afghans which I love because they are complex texture and usually off white Aran colored yarn. This has been calling me for quite a while.

So looking through the stash on hand I have 6 off white from one company and 8 off white from another. Since mixing isn't preferable I decided to start with my six skeins and was planning to run out and buy the rest I needed. I just couldn't wait. So I started a popcorn ripple afghan and was having a great time with the popcorns.

Also I was quite happy with the way it was coming out. I can tell that as time goes I am becoming much better with my technique and consistency. So then the time came rather quickly that I ran out of yarn. What to do? Too late at night to run out to get more yarn, plus the amount I needed I had to order... (why didn't I do that to begin with??)

So I took out my 8 skeins (still not enough) and started another project from a Leisure Arts Aran afghan pamphlet. I started another project.

I ran out of yarn again! I didn't order the yarn I needed.
Now I have stared another, this time a shawl with six skeins of Lion Wool Ease, no pattern, I hope I make it through, stay tuned.

Friday, December 21, 2007

This is my "day job".

In the previous post I wrote about my "day job" which has turned out to be sewing head coverings. I was asked to post more about the headpieces and more examples.

A brief word about the "why" of head coverings. I'll be very brief; according to Torah Judaism, a married woman covers her hair and does not show it to any man but her husband.

So these days you can find more than just a basic scarf. There are all kinds of ways to cover the hair and some depend on the community you associate with. Hats, berets, scarves, wigs, snoods, bandannas, etc.

I started making the wrap snood in particular because it's the style that I prefer. It gives a look that is like a wrapped scarf but it's all one piece and can be tied in different ways.

I think it suits my face well and I feel it's more refined than throwing something on just to cover the hair without style... those I may wear around the house. Plus I'm an artist so you may find me wearing very colorful versions of this design.

Below are other examples of snood designs that I make.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I have been soooo busy!

Wanna know why I have been such a bad blogger????? I have been so busy preparing for a sale in my studio for Hanukkah. I make Traditional Jewish woman's' head coverings in a few different styles. This sale was mostly a wrap style that people have been asking me for for a while and now that the winter velvets have come out I thought I had better kick it into high gear and get a sale together before Hanukkah. Well I advertised, I put flyers up and then it rained and they came down, except for a few. I put a few more up. Three women came to the sale and I sold four snoods (as they are called). OK better than nothing and I made a few bucks but not the $700 as I had hoped. I must plan another sale in order to make some more money.... I really want to buy that drum carder!!!!! This is the support for my fiber habit....gotta support the fiber habit, yeah....