Friday, December 21, 2007

This is my "day job".

In the previous post I wrote about my "day job" which has turned out to be sewing head coverings. I was asked to post more about the headpieces and more examples.

A brief word about the "why" of head coverings. I'll be very brief; according to Torah Judaism, a married woman covers her hair and does not show it to any man but her husband.

So these days you can find more than just a basic scarf. There are all kinds of ways to cover the hair and some depend on the community you associate with. Hats, berets, scarves, wigs, snoods, bandannas, etc.

I started making the wrap snood in particular because it's the style that I prefer. It gives a look that is like a wrapped scarf but it's all one piece and can be tied in different ways.

I think it suits my face well and I feel it's more refined than throwing something on just to cover the hair without style... those I may wear around the house. Plus I'm an artist so you may find me wearing very colorful versions of this design.

Below are other examples of snood designs that I make.


Micki said...

Wow, those are all really wonderful.

Barbara said...

wonderful..wish you a Merry christmas and a happy New Year
Warmly Barbara