Monday, December 31, 2007

Ugggh! Blog spam!

To my blog friends out there..... I do apologize, but after my last entry I got two spam messages and therefore now you must type the code in order to leave a comment here. I didn't want to do it but you know how annoying spam is! It's so sneaky too, like these people are your friends and really want to help you make a fortune in cash by working on the Internet from home. So just out of curiosity and to see if this was another fiber artist before my suspicion compelled me to delete it, I went to her link and as soon as I saw that giant face of Ben Franklin smiling from a $50 bill, I exited the site and deleted the comment. Nerve, indeed!

They're always out there...... watch out for spammers...... wooooohhhhhh :~O


Guzzisue said...

even with the letter thingy I still had a comment on my blog which linked to photo paper company, had obviously been typed in by a person as made reference to the post subject, 3 weeks later they checked back to that post presumeably to see if the comment was still there

TracyB said...

You know what, I got the same spam comment on my blog and before I could close it, a person got on like messenger to ask me questions so I closed out of that and I to now have a code you have to type and I have to approve the message before it appears on my blog. I just never expected someone to stoop to that level!!