Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So much catching up to do!

Thanks to Ariella for taking the time to comment on my last post. She gave me a little kick start and reminded me that I DO indeed have a blog! I should just write even if I don't think I have time or anything interesting to say.

Well first of all I have been wanting to share a story. G-d has His way of bringing people back into your life at the right time and place. Well this is just what happened to me. My dad and I are reunited after some years of lost communication. I couldn't be happier! What brought about this reunion G-d, my mom and fiber. Can you believe it?

Here I will explain;

I speak to my mom on a weekly basis usually every Sunday. She lives in Michigan. Anyway, from time to time she tells me that my dad called and wondered how I am? For various reasons, that seem silly to me now, I resisted the urge to get in touch again.

The last time my dad spoke with my mom he told her that he and his wife just bought a large horse ranch in Michigan and would soon be moving out of Oregon. He's been there many years so this was quite a surprise to hear. He told my mom that he and his wife, Dawn, raise angora rabbits and sheep to sell the fiber to spinners! They have a web site called "Webfoot Woolies" .

My mom got her gears working and decided to tell him that I happen to spin and told him about my flickr site and my blog. She told me that she thinks we have something to break the ice. She was right.

My dad happens to be one of the most talented people I know. He makes amazing things from wood, beautiful bowls and lots of small items such as pens and wine corkers. He can make anything. He is making a spinning wheel for Dawn. I am so impressed!

I am so proud to have a beautiful hand made walnut skein winder that he sent to me. I love it! It is smooth and adjustable and really beautiful. It works great! If you're looking for a functional yet esthetically pleasing addition to your spinning wheel look no further! If anyone would like to purchase one or any of his handcrafted items or some rabbit fuzz, there is an email at the website. I am trying to get them to start an shop.

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Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

This is such a nice story Bina and what a great gift! So perfect for you. Glad for you that you have had this happy reunion, best regards, Aileen.