Monday, November 2, 2009

New ATCs for trading in progress

So as I'm here trying to get some things to sell up on my new Etsy store, I also discovered that happy mistakes in wet felting make great backgrounds for ATCs. So Soon I'll be posting up the picks for trading with other fiber artists making ATCs. So dont touch that dial! Be back soon!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Facebook takes a back seat!

Ok Confession, I guess a big reason for not blogging was the discovery of facebook and the huge and unexpected class of '93 reunion that I experienced on there. But you know what? I wasnt doing anything else with my time and there is so much more to life than tripping down memory lane! So thank goodness I came to my senses and am slowly ridding myself of facebook addiction, one day at a time. I much prefer the flickr crowd anyway because it's much more about my creativity and life through pictures and nice comments than what I am "up to" every 5 minutes of the day!
That being said, I managed to finish a project that was kicking around for a while in my studio and I want to show my crocheted Waldorf style doll.

He's about 12" long and basically free form, when I started this I had intended it to be from an Amigurumi pattern but then realized it wasn't coming out the way I had imagined then I decided to make my own doll in a more traditional style. The hair was crocheted in from handspun romney that was dyed with coffee and the sweater (not pictured) is also free form crocheted from hand spun angora/alpaca mix.

As far as this cow; it was a commission piece that never happened because the guy ticked me off. Never insult the artist! So it lay there for a few months until I finally decided it was time to finish it. He's about 9 or so inches tall (sitting) and made 100% of wool, mostly Jacob from my fathers sheep and the black is from a Jacob / Merino cross that I got from the Jerusalem Zoo. I'm still trying to decide whether he needs horns and someone suggested a cowbell! I have to look for one!

He's a caricature so I am also wondering if I should get really silly and make him some jean overalls or is that beyond kitsch!?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Please dont boot me off I am still an artist....

Just a very lazy blogger! For goodness sake I am still here just been busy with my garden! So maybe I'll tell you all about that. I have been trying to grow my own organic veggies in containers because my back yard was tiled in to make a patio and there wasn't enough space left to grow much. Although I do have some very nice and giving fruit trees and a few others, I do not have a patch for a garden. I started out with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, purslane, and red and orange bell peppers. The cucumbers became diseased and I cut them down, and the cherry tomatoes also have some disease but they are still producing, slow they may be. All of the peppers did quite well, I guess it's due to the heat. So we have been enjoying those, not enough to do any canning though.
Right now I am excited for my pomegranates and citron! We always get tons more than we can possibly eat, problem is that I don't use pesticide so if they arent picked early enough we get many infested fruits and they make a big mess in the yard.

The Citron or Etrog in Hebrew is a fruit that is basically grown for it's peel. It's also used, most importantly among Jews as a ritual object for the upcoming holiday of Sukkot. There is a certain blessing that is said during the morning prayers along with other species of plants, this blessing of the Lulav and Etrog has been done for thousands of years and it's source is from the Torah. So we are very happy to have a tree in our yard, even though it hasnt been a big producer and we have yet to get a kosher etrog from our own tree. Whatever I do manage to pick I have made etrog liqueur and the peel can be preserved to make candy or jelly. This year I want to juice it and drink it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Got pulled into to the world of Amigurumi

I am so loving these Amigurumi crochet animals and dolls on the Lion Brand website. I was getting tired of crocheting baby blankets and it's too hot for hats and scarves, so what to make? I have lot's of skeins of hand-spun and random colors which work perfectly for such projects! So I'm currently working on a little boy doll and did some pattern altering and made the face resemble the Waldorf style, and added some curly hair from my own hand-spun. Pictures to come!
Check it out, they are quick projects and make great gifts to your own kids or friends!