Saturday, September 12, 2009

Facebook takes a back seat!

Ok Confession, I guess a big reason for not blogging was the discovery of facebook and the huge and unexpected class of '93 reunion that I experienced on there. But you know what? I wasnt doing anything else with my time and there is so much more to life than tripping down memory lane! So thank goodness I came to my senses and am slowly ridding myself of facebook addiction, one day at a time. I much prefer the flickr crowd anyway because it's much more about my creativity and life through pictures and nice comments than what I am "up to" every 5 minutes of the day!
That being said, I managed to finish a project that was kicking around for a while in my studio and I want to show my crocheted Waldorf style doll.

He's about 12" long and basically free form, when I started this I had intended it to be from an Amigurumi pattern but then realized it wasn't coming out the way I had imagined then I decided to make my own doll in a more traditional style. The hair was crocheted in from handspun romney that was dyed with coffee and the sweater (not pictured) is also free form crocheted from hand spun angora/alpaca mix.

As far as this cow; it was a commission piece that never happened because the guy ticked me off. Never insult the artist! So it lay there for a few months until I finally decided it was time to finish it. He's about 9 or so inches tall (sitting) and made 100% of wool, mostly Jacob from my fathers sheep and the black is from a Jacob / Merino cross that I got from the Jerusalem Zoo. I'm still trying to decide whether he needs horns and someone suggested a cowbell! I have to look for one!

He's a caricature so I am also wondering if I should get really silly and make him some jean overalls or is that beyond kitsch!?

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